Are you a fashion brand? Reach new customers immediately, sell worldwide, right away.


A network of online shops ready to sell your products around the world, right away.

Through YOCABÈ shops on the all most relevant marketplaces in Europe and in the United States (Amazon, Ebay, Privalia, etc.), your products will immediately reach 100 million potential customers who regularly make purchases on the marketplaces already.

Network of YOCABÈ's shops

No initial investment required.

Thanks to the revenue-sharing approach you can take advantage of the skills of our e-commerce experts without having to invest money. You invest in products, we invest in skills, time and optimization of products on the marketplace.

YOCABÈ means no initial investment required to sell your products online.

Keep control over retail prices of your products.

We know that low online prices are likely to compromise the relationship with traditional distributors and shops. Thanks to the partnership with YOCABÈ, you can establish the retail price of your products and get the most out of e-commerce without damaging the traditional distribution channels.

Get the most out of e-commerce

Minimizes the amount of immobilized products.

By means of our Virtual Catalogue and Smart Logistics, it is possible to sell your entire catalog on our shops, without any need to transfer all your products on our logistics.

Top selling products will gradually be moved on our logistics to further accelerate sales.

Minimizes the amount of immobilized products.

Optimizes the planning of future production.

Thanks to the valuable report on sales data you will know which products sell better and in which countries. This will make it possible to dynamically optimize both cost of materials and production.

Network di negozi YOCABÈ